Guide to using the Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour is interactive content, which means that the visitor selects the content to be viewed, as well as the type and zoom level of the display. It consists of a large number of interconnected panoramas 360o, and each of the panoramas allows the visitor to view the environment from one point to all directions. Turning 360o panorama is possible with mouse movements (all time left mouse button should be pressed), or by the arrows on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Zoom in and out is done by turning the mousewheel in one or other direction (or by clicking on the + and - signs in the bar at the bottom of the screen).

Moving through a Virtual Tour represents the transition from one point (panorama 360o) to another, thus making a virtual walk through the covered area. Moving from one point to another can be done in several ways: by clicking on the mark that is appears on the screen, by clicking the arrows at the ends of the bar at the bottom of the screen, or by selecting a 360o panorama from the list that is located on the same bar (another icon in the row). The area covered by Virtual Tour is also on the map, which can be open with a click to the globe icon located in the bar at the bottom of the screen. All the points where panorama 360o was taken have marks on the map, so you can change panorama 360o by clicks on those points.
Also, at the main menu at the top of the screen is located a list of all the locations covered by Virtual Tour. In addition, in the main menu you can choose thematically categorized tours, a tour along the coast line of Boka bay, as well as an overview of all settlements in the territory of Boka Kotorska.

The Virtual Tour also provides a stereoscopic view (the glasses icon on the bar at the bottom of the screen), which (with special glasses) creates the observer experiences a very real presence at that point - Virtual Reality (VR). The second and third icons on the tape on the right, enable full screen view, or temporarily remove the icon bar.

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Contact data

e-mail: office@falconero.me
tel: +382 67 233 377
Company Website: www.falconero.me

Owner of Website, Virtual Tour and all panoramas 360o: Falco Nero co. Montenegro
Author of panoramas 360o: Dejan Stojanović, BSC.eng
Postproduction and realisation of web && software platform: Production team Falco Nero co.

Include your hotel/villa/apartments/beach/restaurant/shop/service on Virtual Tour Boka Bay!

Given that the Virtual Tour aimed at promoting the tourist potential of Boka Kotorska, we enable to companies which have some form of tourist offer (accommodation, food, entertainment and other activities) to be presented.

Presentation of some company on a Virtual Tour is in standard form, which includes one or more panoramas 360o at the client's location as well as a shorter info text on the offer, prepared by the client. Of course, the offer include accurately locating of client on the map, as well as the link to a client's website or any booking system.

On client's request, its panorama 360o can also be upload on Google Maps, and it is possible to implement his Virtual Tour on the client's website.